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Legal Risks to Businesses

Fines and lawsuits related to data protection and privacy are a real risk for organizations in today’s environment. Enterprise websites are under particularly close scrutiny,...

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Device Fingerprinting: Tracking Without Cookies or Consent

A report out of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Public Policy found that “87% (216 million of 248 million) of the population in the United States...

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Tag Piggybacking — The Invisible Compliance Risk

Your enterprise website is connected to a massive, constantly changing, interconnected, and partially hidden ecosystem of JavaScript tags. Often piggybacked to each other, these tags...

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Compliance for Geotargeted Consent Management Programs

As various countries and states develop their own privacy laws, one-size-fits-all consent management solutions aren’t always enough. As a result, enterprise websites have begun tailoring...

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Are iFrames Bypassing Your Website Security and Cookie Compliance?

If your site streams video or audio content, displays social feeds, serves up dynamic maps, news, ads or data, then it likely uses iframes. Most...

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Security Warning: Data Theft Identified

Since July 25, 2022 Vault JS experts have identified suspicious code on nearly 60 different websites that are running web marketing tools from Showcase-TV. These...

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The Story of the Three Little Martech Directors

Once upon a time, there were three little martech Directors. They each implemented their favorite martech tools so they could serve their customers better and...

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How Your Third Parties Could Leverage ETags to Violate Your Customers’ Privacy

Third-party cookies are on their way out, but does that mean tracking users will also crumble (see what I did there?). Probably not. There are...

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Customer Data Privacy: A OneConference Presentation with Fidelity Investments

Josh Manion, CEO of Vault JS, recently co-presented with Grant Deppe, VP Marketing Technology at Fidelity. They discussed customer data privacy during the OneConference in...

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Digital marketing assurance platform

The Urgent Need for a Digital Marketing Assurance Platform

In 2009, my team invented the modern tag management system. Back then, enterprise websites had an average of only 3 to 4 JavaScript tags on...

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Why Digital Marketers Should Care About Log4j

Digital marketing assurance requires you to keep an eye on all your marketing technologies. That’s already hard enough without also needing to understand what sorts...

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Digital marketing assurance maturity model

The Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model

Martech tools fuel your marketing, but you also need to ensure that your use of those tools is not allowing your customers’ personally identifiable information...

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