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While your website is welcoming customers, it can also welcome vulnerabilities through a busy and shifting ecosystem of tags, scripts, and potential privacy violations. Discover every risk you don’t see with Vault JS.

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Vault JS Validate

Who Hasn’t Broken Some Privacy Laws Today?

With privacy violations becoming more prevalent and financial repercussions reaching into the billions, Vault JS Validate makes privacy compliance easy. It locates policy and cookie consent violations across multiple sites and regions with absolutely no impact on the user experience.

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Approximately 90% of businesses are non-compliant.

It’s not that they don’t care about compliance, but martech connections change constantly and create new violations. And their cookie management system is no guarantee of compliance.

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If you can see it, you can fix it.

Vault JS is customized for your unique setup. We reveal compliance risks at scale and give you information to fix problems. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to continually track all changes.

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Find violations before activists or regulators.

The tools that activists and regulators use to find policy violations are getting better. Yours have to be better than theirs to avoid fines, litigation, and customer mistrust.

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Vault JS Secure

Hacked Martech Opens All Kinds of Doors

With everything you’ve done to secure your site, hacked third-party martech can still let intruders in. Vault JS Secure quickly finds vulnerabilities as they emerge.

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Pull in your third-party data-thief welcome mats.

When threat actors go looking for easy targets, third-party martech can open the door to a data buffet. With Vault JS Secure giving you the full picture, you know what doors to slam shut.

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For Security, Vault JS is a gift.

Vault JS is a solution that’s not also a burden. It automates martech oversight so you don’t need new headcount or a special team. And it’s installation-free: no code is installed on your site!

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Press “Go” Monday. See value Tuesday.

You get 80% of Vault JS’s value right away, even with no human help. Within a day, Vault JS gives you a map of third-party entities and risks, and you can start acting immediately.


“With Vault JS, I have complete visibility. I’m basically doing a high-level privacy forensics test but at scale, thousands of pages. And I can understand the origin of where the scripts are coming from."

Jonathan Schubauer
Global Data Privacy Technologist, Chegg, Inc.

See if your organization's privacy compliance is putting you at risk.