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The Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model

By Vault JS | December 1, 2021

Digital marketing assurance maturity model

Is Your Company Leading or Lagging in Protecting Your Customers’ PII?

Martech tools fuel your marketing, but you also need to ensure that your use of those tools is not allowing your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) to fall into the wrong hands.

The risk is greater than you might think. In fact, 59% of companies have experienced a data breach caused by a third party vendor.

So how do you know if your organization is at a high or low risk? What are the steps necessary to best protect customer PII? Our Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model was designed to provide this analysis and roadmap.

The Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model

For most companies, the amount of customer privacy protection they provide is less than adequate given the number of martech tools and third-party JavaScript tags that have access to customer data. Our Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model shows the steps enterprise level companies should aspire to reach, from limited protection to partial protection, to basic data assurance and, finally, to sustained data assurance.

Every effort you make to protect your online users can be critically important to maintaining their trust, and your reputation. Even small measures can have a profound effect on your business.

The Need for Sustained Data Assurance

The highest level of our Digital Marketing Assurance Maturity Model is Sustained Data Assurance. The question should not be “should we get there” but “how can we get there?” And what are the themes, technologies and tactics that should be in place?

First of all, you need the right team in place—a cross-functional team of digital marketing, privacy and security managers, working together. You also need:

  • An automated, continuous and enterprising approach. One-time audits are no longer sufficient for protecting confidential data.
  • Full visibility of all data collection and distribution.
  • An advanced Digital Marketing Assurance Platform monitoring all flows of Privately Identifiable Information (PII) throughout the entire tag ecosystem.
  • Real-time analysis of changes and code intervention as necessary.
  • Fully deployed Content Security Policy (CSP) and Subresource Integrity (SRI).
  • Best practices in place for vendor validation, tag management, cookie consent, security and more.

Each of the levels requires effort and guidance to reach. But helping companies achieve sustained data assurance is why VaultJS was created. Call us and we will help you evaluate your current level of digital marketing assurance maturity, and outline the steps that will help you elevate your organization.

See if your organization's privacy compliance is putting you at risk.