See What Privacy Laws You're Breaking Today

Approximately 90% of businesses are out of privacy compliance. Vault JS Validate shows you where third-party martech and consent violations put you at risk.

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Get an evaluation of your site’s cookie opt-in and opt-out scenarios, identify current cookie consent violations, and more.

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Businesses Pay The Price

Privacy violation fines worth millions have been paid out by major airlines, retailers, and web services. The reputational damage can also be costly.






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A Free Analysis Reveals Your Immediate Risks

Your customized report provides the information to act:

  • Analysis of your site’s cookie opt-in and opt-out scenarios
  • Identification of current cookie consent violations on your site
  • Geographically tailored consent analysis for regions you direct us to

The analysis, like all Vault JS products, does not install any code on your site.

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Bring Certainty to Your Privacy Compliance Now

Regulators and activists are actively looking for violations. Be there first. Vault JS Validate continually locates policy and consent violations across multiple sites and regions and gives you the information to fix them before fines or other impacts.

  • A cookie management system is no guarantee of compliance
  • Vault JS is customized for your setup and shows compliance risks at scale
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning track changes as they occur
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With Vault JS, I have complete visibility. I’m basically doing a high-level privacy forensics test but at scale, thousands of pages. And I can understand the origin of where the scripts are coming from.”

Jonathan Schubauer

Global Data Privacy Technologist, Chegg, Inc.

Get Your Free Site Assessment

Get a free evaluation analyzing your site’s opt-in and opt-out scenarios and identify cookie consent violations today.