We Saw a Problem.
We Founded a Company.

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Before our leadership team founded Vault JS, they first created an industry: the tag management industry. They created and led Ensighten to manage website tagging. Their work was groundbreaking, patent-winning, and enlightening.

Ensighten gave them an up-close view of the hacks that third-party JavaScript on a website could lead to. In response, they created Vault JS.

Josh Manion

Josh Manion


  • Co-Founder/CEO Ensighten, 2009
  • 300+ Enterprise customers including JPMC, US Bank, Fidelity, AMEX​
  • Raised 100M+ in venture capital​
  • Created Tag Management Category​
  • MIT
  • Holds 12 Patents
  • International Master Chess Player
Julie Oberweis

Julie Oberweis

Founder & COO

  • Co-Founder/Board Member, Ensighten 2009
  • Raised 100M+ in venture capital
  • Brought analytics consulting firm to 25 employees from zero
  • Won United Airlines, Target, Purina/Nestle, and other marquee clients
  • Operational and financial leadership achieved $4M in revenue
  • Stanford, M.S.
  • University of Illinois
  • Certified CIPP/US
  • CFA
Josh Goodwin

Josh Goodwin

Founder & CTO

  • Co-Founder/CTO Ensighten, 2009
  • Primary Architect of Ensighten application and Tag Delivery Network (TDN)​
  • Delivered 30B tag requests per month with 99.99999% uptime over 7-year period​
  • Created Tag Management Category​
  • University of Illinois
  • Holds 16 Patents
Scott Price

Scott Price

Director of Engineering

  • Lead Engineer, Ensighten 2010​
  • Holds one patent
  • Created Ensighten Mobile and Flash applications
  • Developed application for rapid genetic analysis
  • Published author on web services at Argonne National Laboratory
  • Designed, built online registration system for Chicago Public Schools
  • University of Illinois

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