VPPA Risk Monitoring

Catalog pages with video players, identify risky vendors on those pages,
and create an audit trail to reduce legislative risk.

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Identify Players and Risky Vendors

Your customized report provides summarized and detailed information for visibility across your entire website:

  • Catalog all video players across thousands of pages
  • Narrow your attention to pages that also host high-risk vendors
  • Drill into individual requests to identify the source of risky code

With additional configuration, we can even detect when your video titles are being shared with vendors.

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Create An Audit Trail

Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to compliance.

  • Refute specious claims of wrongdoing
  • Build a historical record as you address risks
  • Regular scans help identify when new risky vendors appear

A history of scans can prove that you are taking steps to reduce risk and honor customers’ privacy.

Annotated VPPA Dash

Businesses Pay The Price

VPPA damages may reach $2,500 per plantiff, plus fees, but even settlements can be costly. Class-action settlements worth millions have been paid out by publishers, digital services providers, and social media companies.

See if your organization’s video players are putting you at risk.